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Welcome to the Fat Bloke On A Moped home page, the web site designed to give you the information you need about my journey of something completely alien to me.

Current Total Raised as of 16th Nov 2012

The Fat Bloke On A Moped team organised two rides to raise awareness and funds for Keeping Abreast, the breast cancer reconstruction support group. The rides consisted of

Project Norfolk was the first foray of the team to work out the possibilities and logistics of a bigger project.

The ride consisted of the circumnavigation of the county of Norfolk, on bikes that have a [very] limited top speed.

The ride was in two groups. The 50cc moped and scooter riders set out on Friday 24th September 2010, camping the night just outside Great Yarmouth, while the motorbike contingent set out on the Saturday and endeavoured to catch far slower 'Moped' group.

The ride, along with a few other events, kicked started the fund raising and sowed the seeds for the next phase.

A very ill Claire near the beginning of her treatment along with me after arriving back at base. Click the pic to be taken to the full story and pics of Project Norfolk

Click the map to be taken to the full story and pics of Project Britain

Project Britain Starting on Saturday 25th June 2011, with 3 weeks of daily riding in hand, David and Kevin set out to circumnavigate the British mainland, sticking closely to the coastal road.

On 125cc scooters.

On 'L' plates.

Planning hadn't stopped since the end of Project Norfolk and the jigsaw pieces of accommodation and commercial sponsorship were in place.

With Roger taking 3 weeks off of retirement duties and driving the support vehicle, packed full of essentials, non-essntials and what turned out to be a very useful mobile pharmacy, the team of 3 were ready to take everything the weather and Britain could throw at them.

What could possibly go wrong...!

So What's It All About?

In February 2010 my wife, Claire, was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) which, in non medical terms, means she had cancer cells forming on the inside of her milk ducts of her breasts. Statistically there would be a 20% chance of the condition developing into intrusive cancer, i.e.: breast cancer. In my wife's case, the DCIS was quite prevalent and as Claire had lost her mother to liver cancer, she felt the option for her was a double mastectomy. She was 38 when diagnosed, twelve years before her first regular screening.

I want to do my best to ensure there is the support and guidance in place to help others in a similar situation.

Kevin, Roger Claire & David

...and Mopeds and a Fat Bloke?

To answer that I need to discuss inspiration and and how the concept was arrived at.

Luckily for both Claire and Myself, in 2009 we had the pleasure and fortitude to enjoy two holidays abroad, a fortnight in Crete and a fortnight in Cyprus. Holiday reading for me over the course of these four weeks consisted of "All at Sea" (currently in print under the name of "In A Bath") by Tim Fitzhigham, where Tim rowed to France from England and back again - in a bath (honest), "Three Men & A Float" by Dan Kieran & Ian Vince where three guys drove a milk float from the furthest point East of Britain to the furthest point West, "Round Ireland With A Fridge" saw Tony Hawkes hitch hike around Ireland with a fridge and by no means least "We Could Be Hero's" by Ben Dirs & Tom Fordyce where the intrepid duo set out around Britain (and parts of Europe) in a camper van with the express intention of being world champions at something. All blinding reading and I can recommend every one of them.

The spark however, was Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2010 when Claire and I were wallowing in self pity, knowing the operation was just over two weeks away, watching a BBC3 re-run of a Top Gear Special of James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson attempting to ride cheap motor bikes from South to North Vietnam. If a self confessed bike hater such as Jeremy Clarkson can get on a moped and ride it the length of Vietnam with no former bike riding skills, surely I could do something similar.

My mind was awash with enthusiasm. The books I'd read on holiday the year before came flooding back and I couldn't help but think I could circumnavigate Scotland, Wales and England on [say] a moped.

There were however a few caveats that make this a challenge, namely;
1. I'd never riden a motor bike, let alone a moped, in my life
2. I therefore had no form of motor bike licence
3. Naturally, with points 1 and 2 considered, I didn't own a moped either
4. I know nothing about mopeds or motor bikes
5. I weigh 20 stones (that's the 'Fat' bit)
6. I'm a guy (that's the 'Bloke' bit.)

OK. Where and what now?

The plan was to start raising funds for my chosen breast cancer related charity Keeping Abreast, by doing some trips. They had to be a challenge but we started off small and worked up from there.

First off, we circumnavigated the Norfolk border at the end of September 2010 and raised £3,116.12. You can read all about this trip on the Project Norfolk page.

Secondly, in Project Britain, we circumnavigated the coastline of mainland Great Britain, bringing the total raised to £9442.70, achieving the goal of raising enough money to buy the machine and training needed by the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, for use in breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

As for the next challenge though, maybe write a book of the story so far or even embarking on something further afield. France. Africa. Australia! Norfolk to Naples has a certain ring to it :-)

You can keep up to date with all my latest progress via the Blogs page.


Our Sponsors
JD Signs 01366 377771
Pace Fuelcare
Estuary Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2HH
King's Lynn , 01553 614800
Stevenage, 01438 313251
Southery, 01366 377444
Salters Lode, 01366 386711
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Fletch Photography
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14 High Street, Downham Mkt, Norfolk, PE38 9DB
Downham Mkt, 01366 382198
Tottenhill, Norfolk, PE33 0RL
Marshall Toyota King's Lynn are sponsoring the fuel for the bikes for the entire route around Britain

Click the pics below to see the sponsorship decals

...And a big thanks also go to:

(While not able to sponsor us, the following companies and individuals offered help in some way)

Alan Breeze: For embracing this project and handling the national journalistic duties of contacting the press and radio throughout the country.

JD Wetherspoon: Head office approval to rattle buckets for an hour at any/all JD Wetherspoon outlets while on our ride around Britain. All the B&B's and guest houses who have so kindly offered us accommodation and breakfast and in some cases evening meals too! Click on our map to see all the places donated Vancouver Quarter King's Lynn: For allowing us to bucket wave in the shopping centre at a zero cost.
Andy at Anglia Training Services for waiving the cost of Kevin renewing his CBT with them.      


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