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The Team

To make the current project work, it's vital the right team for the job is in place.

The following team members have been specifically selected as all are serious about the cause, are hard workers and can bring their own unique talents into play.

Name David Fletcher
Occupation Photographer, IT Support
Contact 07919 902902, Email:
Role [Trainee] Moped Rider, Project Organiser.
Bio At 41 years old, I guess this would have to be considered as my mid life crisis adventure. Some people buy fast cars and bikes, I just want to make a difference. Having worked in IT for the vast majority of my life, I fell in to photography about 8 years ago and [naturally] took quite a few pics of my gorgeous wife. I've been a veteran fund raiser for the Fishathon 1, 2 and 3 charity fund raising projects and am currently the secretary of the Swish Foundation. I enjoy village life and especially my real ale (hence the 20 stone bit) but took up cycling last year in an effort to get fit.
Name Kevin Rooney
Occupation Student
Contact 07500 154063, Email:
Role Moped Rider, Project Organiser

At the time of writing this bio, Kevin's moped that faithfully bore him around Norfolk is currently non-funtioning again. He knows i't not suitable for getting around Britain and he's currently desperately saving up funds to get a 125cc twist and go scooter, so if you know of a reliable one going cheap, or indeed if you can loan one to Kevin for the duration, please let him know. Turning 18 in less than a month, he's hoping the insurance will come down too for the planned bigger bike.
Kevin is currently a student at King's Lynn College and he brings with him overwhelming enthusiasm and a confident attitude.

Name Roger Clayson
Occupation Retired (as of 20th July 2010)
Contact 07717 115722, Email:
Role Support Vehicle Driver
Bio When I spoke to Roger about the Moped Projects it was immediately after he told me he was retiring in a few days and he didn't know what he was going to be doing with himself. As if a light was being turned on at the far end of the project tunnels, Roger, with his PSV licence, was going to be a very valuable asset indeed. That and he's a very decent chap and wonderful company. Also, we never know when his hair dressing skills might come in useful.
...and the person who's to blame is...
Name Claire Fletcher
Occupation Customer Service Associate
Contact 07709 606948, Email:
Role Wife (therefore: cook, gardener, ironer, etc.)

Claire is my reason for starting the Fat Bloke projects in the first place. Everyone that knew Claire before her problems in 2010, knew her for her for her boobs as they were such a large (pun intended) part of her. Everyone that knows her since her problems of 2010 would all say that she's still the happy pleasant person she always was though, some didn't even notice she was 3.5kg lighter across the chest either.
I still maintain Claire was too young to suffer from something like this. It'll always be in our minds and every day when she gets dressed she'll be reminded of what happened.
We musn't dwell in the past though, the way forward is the future. Thankfully Claire has found full time employment in a great company and she's really enjoying working there.
Coming up to her 40th birthday this April, I asked her what she would like and her response was 'New boobs.' Oh well, guess I'd better take that new ironing board back to the shop.


Latest News: Claire underwent her 2nd operation on 6th April, 5 days before her 40th birthday. Her recovery has been going very well and reports her new boobs are far more comfortable, she's even been able to sleep on her side now.

Our Sponsors
JD Signs 01366 377771
Pace Fuelcare
Estuary Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2HH
King's Lynn , 01553 614800
Stevenage, 01438 313251
Southery, 01366 377444
Salters Lode, 01366 386711
Yateley, Hampshire 01252 870900
Fletch Photography
Weddings on a budget, candids, celebrations & general Photography
Southery, 07919 902902
Cards, Stationery & Giftware
14 High Street, Downham Mkt, Norfolk, PE38 9DB
Downham Mkt, 01366 382198
Tottenhill, Norfolk, PE33 0RL
Marshall Toyota King's Lynn are sponsoring the fuel for the bikes for the entire route around Britain

Click the pics below to see the sponsorship decals

...And a big thanks also go to:

(While not able to sponsor us, the following companies and individuals offered help in some way)

Alan Breeze: For embracing this project and handling the national journalistic duties of contacting the press and radio throughout the country.

JD Wetherspoon: Head office approval to rattle buckets for an hour at any/all JD Wetherspoon outlets while on our ride around Britain. All the B&B's and guest houses who have so kindly offered us accommodation and breakfast and in some cases evening meals too! Click on our map to see all the places donated Vancouver Quarter King's Lynn: For allowing us to bucket wave in the shopping centre at a zero cost.
Andy at Anglia Training Services for waiving the cost of Kevin renewing his CBT with them.      


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Last updated 15th Jun 2011